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Fachstelle für Migration & Integration

Since 2007 integration agencies for the concerns of people with a migratory history are promoted by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in sponsorship by the central association of the open welfare work.

The integration agency Herten is in sponsorship by the three welfare organizations: Arbeiterwohlfahrt Unterbezirk Münsterland-Recklinghausen, the Caritasverband Herten e.V. and the Diakonische Werk des Kirchenkreises Recklinghausen e.V..

Qualified specialists work in the following areas at the integration agencies

Intercultural access to services and institutions,

Social environment-oriented work,

Support of the civic involvement by and for people with a migratory background,


The integration agencies should

  • support institutions of the social care in reaching out to the migrants in a timely manner and care for them in an adequate way. This ranges from preschools to hospitals and to retirement homes.
  • further qualify and expand the existing civil involvement in the area of integration,
  • help where problems regarding people of different origins living together arise,
  • promote the initiative of autonomous migrant organizations in districts with social problems.